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Indian Sandstone
Available in 12" X 12", 16" X 16", custom tile sizes, and slabs

Natural Fossil Stone is a unique material which often contains the actual imprints of ancient animals right in its surface. Placed against a backdrop of the sifting sands of a dessert, this stone is an exceptional material, which can add style and personality to any design.

Available Sizes:
12" X 12"

Custom Cut Fabricated Sizes

Available Finishes:

12X12 : 1 box - 10 tiles - 10 Sq. Ft.

16X16 : 1 box - 8 tiles - 14 sq. ft.

Sample Chip: $5

Price and shipping discounts available for larger orders. Contact us for a quote

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This unique stone is available for indoor or outdoor applications, and is appropriate in high traffic areas.
real fossils in stone tiles
fossil stone tile
fossil stone
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