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Indian Marble
Available in 12" X 12", 16" X 16", custom tile sizes, and slabs

Stately branches stretch out across a midnight sky, framing the dark with the details of its color and form. Excrutiatingly intricate in its surface design, the unique and individual works in each piece of this elegant material could only have been created by the full power of nature itself.

Available Sizes:
12" X 12"

16" X 16"
Custom Cut Fabricated Sizes


Available Finishes:

12X12 : 1 box - 10 tiles - 10 Sq. Ft.

16X16 : 1 box - 8 tiles - 14 Sq. Ft.

Sample Chip: $5

Price and shipping discounts available for larger orders. Contact us for a quote

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oak wood brown marble tiles
marble tiles

The perfect elegant material for any decorative indoor purpose including walls, low traffic flooring, indoor veneers, living rooms, master bedrooms, and dens.