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Polished Fossil Stone
With Real Fossilized Imprints
3" X 3" X 8" in Height
Gently Sloping Curved Design
Imported Pakistani Stone

Real million year old fossil stone home decor, captured over the course of eons, buried in the belly of a mountain until it was extracted, ripped forth, refined, carved and polished down into this elegant and sophisticated piece.

The outlines of these ancient creatures, contrasting with the subdued backdrop, create an intricate pattern which is different in every vase. The composition, nature, and position of these features give each piece a unique character, rich with individuality.

The warm earthen color of these vases gives them a familiar and comfortable ambiance, which allows them to fit easily into almost any space. However, they are also hard to ignore attention grabbers, which are sure to attract conversation and awe.

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