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Polished Natural Marble
With Million Year Old Fossils
4" X 4" X 8" in Height
Made From Imported Pakistani Fossil Stone

The inherent nature of this piece gives it an impressive stature, both through the considerable bearing and weight of the vase, but also through the sheer force of its presence.

However this power is given infinite depth by the intricate lacework patterns which run across the surface of the polished marble. That is because those tiny marks, the shapes, the colors, are all the result of impressions made in the material millions of years ago by real, living organisms. These ancient creatures have left their mark in history forever, and now you have an oppertunity to share in that legacy, the legacy of the earth itself.

More than a conversation piece these vases have the ability to create a powerful and subtle connection between yourself and the living past.

Made from high grade, imported and polished Pakistani marble.

Retail Price 34.95

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