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Jewelry Grade Onyx Stone
Hand Carved and Polished
3" X 3" X 8" in Height
Gently Sloping Curved Design
Imported Pakistani Onyx

Natural onyx stone vases are an impressive way to demonstrate your sophistication. Used for centuries in the most elegant palaces and homes, onyx is a beautiful stone that is often used in the making of high quality jewelry.

Polished to a glimmering finish, the natural colors and features of the material emerge in vibrant viens. These characteristics vary from stone to stone, and no two vases will every have exactly the same pattern lacing its surface. This ensures that the item you will recieve will be a one of a kind, and nobody else in the entire world will have its match.

At 3" X 3" in width, these are sized as bud vases, generally used for the display of a single flower. However their impressive 8" height allows even the longest of stemmed roses to fit easily within the piece.

The intrinsic beauty of these items also makes them decorative enough to displlay entirey on their own. Mix and match them with other vases, and other accessories, to find the perfect arrangement for your space.

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