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Natural Onyx Stone
Hand Carved and Polished
4" X 4" X 8" in Height
Imported Pakistani Stone

There is something special about real, natural onyx. It has an elegant quality, a sense of inherent refinement that makes it stand out as a sophisticated material. So beautiful that it is often used in the production of fine jewelry, it is noted for the powerful patterns of color and hue which arise naturally throughout its surface.

Onyx is a real stone. It formed within the earth and then was ripped from the side of a mountain. This violent birth gives the material an inherent power, a fierce quality which gives it a striking quality. However the energy of the onyx here has been tamed, smoothed and polished down into a refined and delicate piece. Still, just beyond the shining exterior of its natural face, you can sense the force, the primal energy which fills it with an undeniable beauty.

These vases measure 4" X 4" wide, and are 8" in height. This sizing makes them large enough to hold a bouquet, while still being small enough to display a single rose. They are also beautiful enough to display on their own and many people purchase several at a time in order to create elaborate decorative arrangements.

The type of onyx used in these particular vases is called multi green onyx, and is noted for its strikingly colorful characteristics. The green, red, and yellow features found within this stone are relatively consistent from piece to piece, however the unique arrangement of these colors means that each vase looks unlike any other in the world. This ensures that your purchase is a totally one of a kind object, that nobody else in the entire world will be able to match.

A versatile accessory, it will find a home in both rustic, and modern decors. The gentle tan backdrop makes it a perfect centerpiece for a living room, or den, while its classic elegance suggests placing it in an office, or conference room.

Another way to use it is to place it in a rustic basement, on display, as a way of elevating the ambiance of the entire space. The natural stone origin of the vase will allow it to fit into the rough atmosphere, while it stunning elegance will elevate the spirit of the space.

A perfect romantic gift when filled with roses.

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