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6" in Height
Intricately Hand Painted
Hand Carved and Polished
Made From African Stone

Model: SoVasPai6-01

This natural stone vase is hand carved, polished to a smooth elegant finish, and then meticulously painted in a wild and exotic finish, that makes this one of the most unique and intriguing pieces we offer.

The vase itself is a powerful piece, whose weight and presence can dominate a setting. Its simplicity of physical form serves to heighten the elegance of its shining polish, while the intricate decorative visuals give excitement to its inner power.

Perfect for even a single flowering bud, the vases open mouth can easily contain an array of three or four, spayed out in a burst of color above it head.

Decorative even without a rose, this beautiful natural stone vase would fit well into almost any room in the house, although it is highly recommended for bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens.

Hand Carved
Hand Painted
Polished to a Shining Finish
Unique Piece Direct From Africa

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