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Decorating For The Artist Within
By Joey Lewitin

There is an artist lurking within all of us. The creative fire burns in every human, propelling us to create, to express, to shape the world around us. Even though we may be unlearned, or perhaps even unskilled, still the urge to impact our environment is so inherent that we do it without even thinking about it. Every twist of the magazines on the coffee table, every centering of a portrait, every adjustment we make is our inner self yearning to impact the world around. By making a conscious effort we can guide these impulses into a form of art that will both beautify our surroundings and strengthen our inner self.

When you decorate, the artist does not have to be buried in the dark. You can be brave; taking strength from the fact that you are good and right and what you want is good and right for you. If something sings to your insides then that is the right decision.

This does not, however, mean that you are always right. An artists concept on the inside is perfect, it is only once it has been expressed that it becomes open to fallibility's. This is fine. The only way to teach yourself what it is that you want is to experiment with what you think.

Utilize the full creativity of your mind when planning a room. Close your eyes and imagine colors. Walk along the walls of the room, touch them, feel the shape of the space within. Understand the sense of the room. Then close your eyes again and find what you want from the room. What does that look like? What would be the feel in the perfect room? Sketch out ideas and keep notes.

When you are ready, buy samples. Get as many samples as you can. Match color swatches to fabric, hold pictures of different furnishings up against different colors, try out carpets and be sure that you feel comfortable with everything.

Don't agonize; the important thing is to have fun. When you have fun your mind relaxes and works better, it pulls information from different places and creates impressions that make up your artistic insides. Listen to your instincts, and test everything.

When it is time to actually decorate, use the room as a canvas. Place items and hues into the room carefully, judging their effect on the rest of the space. If you have to, throw some things out. You can even start over. The important thing is the satisfaction you get as you apply your decor.

When you are done you may feel unsatisfied. Finish the project, and then walk away. Try not to dwell on it for a week at least. When you return you will see more clearly. Then you will be able to judge your work. Be gentle, this is not a contest. This is about you being comfortable and happy. If you aren't, change things. Even if you are, it is good to think of decorating as a constant work in progress. One day something belongs here, another it belongs somewhere else. Only you can tell where it needs to be. Experiment and have fun, and things will turn out beautiful.


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