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The color scheme you use in your kitchen should reflect what you want the room to accomplish. Different colors will have different effects on the subconscious minds of yourself and others, as well as the ambience of the setting. You can use this principle to help you create the perfect setting, or ignore it and watch the room around you contend with your every purpose.

Before you begin picking colors, think about what you want out of your kitchen. Should it be a social gathering ground, for people to trade quips over glasses of wine and the aromatic flavors wafting from your oven. Or should it instead be a non nonsense work shop, where great marvels of delicacy are prepared in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Next you must think about colors, and what they mean to you. Does brown make you think about home and family, or dirt? Is black a sinister color, or an invigorating one? Every shade will have a slightly different meaning and effect, and it is important to get your own feelings straight before you start to take in advice from others.

As you explore the colors, remember that a completely monochromatic room is a boring one. While you can go with a simple white on accent design, you will need at least one other color to highlight the space and keep people from yawning.

Whatever you choose, you will have to find complimentary colors which further enhance the effect you are going for. This is where the process can get really complicated, and you may need the help of a color wheel. A good online one can be found by clicking here.

Once you have chosen a few colors that seem to evoke the proper response within you, then you can begin to ask others how they are affected. Everyone is a little different, and everyone will have a different reaction. Don't let them decide, simply listen to what they have to say, acknowledge it as valid, and then store it in the back of your mind as simply one opinion amongst many,

Some general guidelines for what emotions and reactions are evoked by certain people, at least within western civilization and especially America, can be found below. This list is only suggestive, because every person is different, and everyone reacts to color in their own way. You should be your own first advisor, and go with colors that match your vision of the room first, only taking the advice of this list and other people when you don't feel strongly about something.

Red: Angry and hot this color often evokes irritated or violent temperaments in people. Can arouse hunger.

Black: Bleak,and dark this color sucks in light, making a space seam smaller and hotter than it is.

White: A dull and tedious color, but also clean and simple. Very popular in kitchens, and effective when combined with a strong accent color

Orange: A warm color that often makes people feel hungry.

Green: A soothing color that makes people think about life and the outdoors


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