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Part 2
Contemporary Interior Decorating Styles

Part 1 - Historical Interior Decorating Styles


An emphasis on strength and function witha spartan lack of decoration. Lines are straight, strong, and sleek. Natural amterials are heavily used.

Gothic Revival

An emphasis was placed on nature and emulating natural objects in design. Arches, turnings, and hand made versus factory manufactured design.


Natural cabin decor, focusing on natural unhewn materials, created diorectly from natural items.

Art Nouveau

Inspired by japanese art as well as an emulation of natural flowing objects such as rivers or vines.

Mission in America

Handcrafted simple designs, highly functional and often humerouse. Featuring artistic craftsmanship and clean design.

Art Decco

A radical movement inspured by fierce primitive art. Features include exploding sunbursts, lightning bolts, and checker patterns.

Modern Style

A lack of decorative features marks this style, which is designed to be sleek, and extremely functional. Its lack of features is its most .powerful decorative factor.

Contemporary Interpretations

Any reinterpretation ofa historical style which updates it for the modern world. Often historic styles are mixed and matched to create unique new styles. Old designs may also be reworked to add functional or comfort additions such as larger seating.

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