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This is the Dragons Nest, home of the stone dragons. Often believed to be related to the Pebblez People, these two groups are actually fierce enemies. The body of a stone dragon is mostly comprised of rock, clay, and other very hard materials. While as adults they can be antagonistic, as infants they are actually loving and tender. Children of this species are also very small, and can usually be held in the palm of a hand.

In our adoption center below we offer a few of these beautiful creatures up for adoption. Generally Stone Dragons are viscous, however we only offer up dragons from the specific clan of the Stills. Dragons which are part of the Still clan are born very very slow. They are so slow that it could take them 50 years to walk even a foot. As they get older they slowly start to gain in speed. In a mere 15 thousand years your dragon will be zipping across the floor almost as quickly as you can.

Name: Chisel
Age: 5 (almost an egg)
Demeanor: feisty

This stone dragon was found by the Pebblez People in the woods just two years ago. When he was found he was so small he could barely move or speak.

Some of the Pebblez thought they should bring him back to their village in the mountains, but others were afraid this would cause a panic. The Pebblez People and the stone dragons had been enemies for centuries, and even this tiny dragon might cause fear amongst the people.

For two years the Pebblez People contemplated their problem, while every day coming down from they're home in the mountains to feed him rich soil and mud so he wouldn't get hungry.

Finally a smart Pebblez Person came up with a solution. Humans! They aren't made of stone, so there's no danger of chisel eating them when he grows up, and the war between dragons and pebblez hadn't spread to the humans, so they were neutral.

If you would like to give chisel a safe home, click below to pay the adoption fees we will send him right out to you, along with an adoption certificate and a copy of his story for you to read with him.

Name: Herman "The Ferocious"
Age: 35 (infant)
Demeanor: quiet

Herman's egg rolled into a pebblez person village one day. Unable to find out where it came from, the nice Pebblez hatched him, and cared for him as one of their own. He has a bit of a temper, but has been taught manners and how to sit quietly. It was after reading "the Hobbit" by J. R.R. Tolkien that Herman became fascinated with humans. He is intrigued by the thought of humans actually being afraid of dragons. However he only wants to learn and he has promised not to terrorize any humans that he is adopted by.

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