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PebbleZ People Stone Castle Tower

Stone Castles

The ultimate in decorative novelties this natural stone tower rises from the ground, a fierce deterrent to all who seek invasion. Manned by a complimentary Pebble Warrior, and designed using real natural stone, this tower will protect your home all of your worst enemies.

This tower is manufactured with real stone, and is designed as a decorative piece, suitable for models and display.



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The PebbleZ People

grown up pet rocksgrown pet rocksgrown up pet rock

Now you can adopt individual Pebblez People to defend your castle from attack. Due to a special treaty between PebbleZ.com and the Pebblez People's Council of Stone we have special, exclusive rights to match Pebblez People up with human family's, to act as friends, defenders, and paperweights, and further the development of Pebble / People relations.

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Stone Dragons

Stone DragonsPet Rock Dragons

The stone dragons rose from the darkness of ages. Fierce and strong, their fiery breath is so powerful that it can melt the rock from the face of a mountain. Locked in constant war with the gentle PebbleZ People, these viscous creatures struggle for dominance of the world of stone.

Click here to see some of the frighteningly fierce dragons we have up for adoption.

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