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The natural stones we use in our side tables have unique colors and formations which are formed while they are still deep beneath the mountains they come from. When they are quarried, each stone is fabricated into a useable size, and then is shipped to us in large lots. Our Pebble Artists pick through these lots of unique stones, choosing only the most beautiful and intriguing for use in the tables that we make.

Customizable Stone Side Tables

custom coffee tables
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Are you looking for something specific? Maybe a side table in a certain size, or color, or with a particular kind of finish? Well, we can help! We are proud to offer our customers the ability to customize the exact stone side table you want, allowing you to choose the type and color of the stone, the height, the shape, and the style of legs ensuring that you get the perfect product for your homes decor.

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Illuminated Stone Side Tables

illuminated stone tables
Single Stone (12" X 12")
Low (18" height)
Stain Color: Your Choice

These illuminated onyx pieces are more than side tables, they are shining points of light and color that wil capture the attention and awe of anyone who sees them. Built using jewelry grade translucent onyx, the stone centerpiece is back lit, which causes it to erupt in light from the inside, revealing the beautiful natural features of the stone in a fully dimensional way.


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