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Polished Natural Marble
Red and White Multicolored
Each Piece 100% Unique
3" X 3" X 8" in Height

A flower is a living organism. Even when its cut it is still a natural entity, part of the outer world, a symbol of life, defiant against the corporate perfection of our plastic molded world. This vase, is the perfect compliment to such a symbol. It is all natural, made from marble which was quarried from the bellies of ancient mountains. The stone was then refined, cut down, shaped, sculpted and polished to the perfect form you see here. Yet that perfect still retains some of the wild mountain energy of its birth. As you can see, even glistening and perfectly polished, still the crimson backdrop is broken by white lightning arcs, which rip through its surface causing the piece to almost crackle with energy.

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