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Products and Ideas for Decorating Your Basement

The following are a series of decorative products which can be used to easily enhance the look and feel of your basement. Many of these items will by themselves suggest a new theme or purpose for your basement, while others will merely add a touch of warmth and comfort to the space.

Basement Fireplaces

The presence of a fireplace can completely change the way you perceive and use your basement. While many basements do not have the chimney facilities for a real fireplace, there are many electric models that don't put out any smoke. Some of these give off heat, while others don't. You should be certain to choose a model that will not be a fire hazard, and if you have any concerns whatsoever, a heatless model should be used.

Basement Throw Rugs

While most basements will have cold, hard concrete flooring that is uninviting and uncomfortable, this can be easily remedied using a thick luxurious throw rug.

The warmth and soft comfort of the rug will make the room more inviting. Combined with a fireplace, these two accessories can make the basement a popular place for friends to gather, or a romantic retreat where lovers can escape for a snuggle by firelight.

However you have to be certain that flooding and mold are not problems in your basement before putting expensive rugs down there.

Basement Media Centers

If you prefer to keep your living room as a warm and inviting location for friends to sit and chat, then you might want to find another place for loud and often obnoxious electronic equipment. This can be done by placing them in the basement.

By placing items such as DVD Players, TIVO's, and video game systems in the basement you will be isolating them from the rest of the house. By taking them out of the flow of daily life you can make them a less important part of the household as a whole. However, when you do go to enjoy them recreationally, they will be set up in a private and secluded spot, where the interruptions will be minimal and the mood will be controlled by you.

The only drawback to placing such items in the basement is that if someone in your family has an addictive habit towards some of these things, such as watching tv, or playing with a particular video game, they will become more isolated by being in the constant seclusion of such a space.

Casual Seating

Comfortable and relaxed seating in the basement will naturally open the space up to more use. Even if there is no other attraction to the space, people are always looking for a quiet spot to have a moment of privacy, and with a couple of seats scattered about the space, the basement can be the perfect spot for this.

Coupling items such as couches, foam seating, and bean bag chairs with a media center is also an obvious way to complete a subterranean den.
Basement Bar

Adding a bar to your basement is a no brainer as far as finding a way to reclaim that space and give it function and form. With the right set up, you can change your basement into the most popular room in the house, where you can gather and chat with friends, or just hang out at the end of a long day.

The rustic and often concrete interior of the basement, while rough in appearance, does have the benefit of being resistant to stains from spills. Even if you finish the walls in the basement, leaving the floor around or behind your bar with its natural finish can create a naturally spills safe area.
Basement Wine Cellars

Basements and cellars are very often used for the storage and aging of fine wines. The fact that they are located underground protects them from heavy temperature fluctuations. Combine that with a lack of light and you have found a great place to store your wine.

Imagine telling guests that you will be right back, you just have to get something from your wine cellar. Suddenly that nasty basement is looking a lot more elegant, with just a few decorative touches.
Game Tables

A game table is a relatively simple way to revitalize your basement with new purpose. With this simple addition you can turn your basement into your game room, and initiate a whole series of fun event nights such as family board game Thursdays or Poker Saturdays. Large and sturdy, these tables can also double as hobby or craft spaces, just be sure to cover it with a tarp to protect the finish.

Basement Illumination and Lighting

Illumination is very important in any basement design. The lack of windows, and their positions high in the walls, often makes this a dark space. While that can make the room gloomy, you should look at the dark as a blank canvas upon which you can paint in light and shadow

Flush Mount Lighting

This is one of the most popular fixtures used in basements, because of the often lower than normal ceilings found in these spaces. Flush right up with the ceiling, these lights provide you with the maximum amount of illumination for the small amount of head space sacrificed. Completely hiding the bulb, they also eliminate the common problem of glare.
Tiffany Lamps

Beautiful stained glass Tiffany lamps are an attractive and elegant way to add a colorful illumination to any space. They work especially well in basement designs because they provide a very warm ambient light, which will spread out through the darkness of the space, gently kissing the walls and structures of your basement with its colorful illumination. The distinct sophistication of these lamps will help you to add a refined taste to a room which often needs it.
Illuminated Onyx Wall Clocks

Onyx wall clocks are another way to provide a gentle ambient illumination for your basement. Both attractive and functional, they give off just enough of a glow to see by, but not enough to fully outline the details of the space. This can be useful when strategically directing light in order to mask various areas of your basement.

Candle Light

As long as you are careful to take precautions against fire, candles are a wonderful way to give your basement a gentle and attractive light. They will also go a long way to adding a romantic or intimate ambience to the space.

Basement Guest Bedrooms

Need extra room for house guests? Having a handy fold up bed in the basement creates a separate, private space for visitors. Depending on how often it is used, you will probably want to consider finishing at least part of the basement to give your guests a more comfortable space to sleep in.
Day Beds

Placing a day bed in your basement gives you twice as many options for the space. Partially a couch where you can sit with friends and family and chat or watch TV, it also doubles as a comfortable bed, allowing you to turn the space into an instant guest bedroom.

Basement Sewing Room

The basement is a great place to escape and pursue hobbies and personal activities, secluded away from the noise and traffic of the main house. If your basement is relatively dry and mold free, putting a sewing machine in the space is an easy way to create a nook for yourself. A simple sturdy table can be purchased to work on, and cloth and materials can be stored in drawers and shelving. Most importantly, you will have to find a good source of illumination so that you can clearly see whatever you are doing.

Basement Work Shop

The purchase of a sturdy table, and some storage items for holding various tools, can easily allow you to set the basement apart as a private place to build.

Having plenty of illumination will be key to turning this space into an effective work area. You will also want to be sure that mold or flooding are not a threat to electrical and expensive tools, and if so to take precautions. You should also make sure that the place has plenty of ventilation, especially if you are generating dust or working with chemicals.

workshop storage

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Basement Office

There are many advantages to setting up a home office in your basement. It is generally quiet and secluded, being built off the main paths of travel in most houses. It also often has excellent insulation to banish the distracting noises which can plague the work day. Setting up even just a desk and a place to work can encourage procrastinators to take the leap and start their very own business.

Home Office

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Basement Library

The basement may be a great place for storing your possessions, however if you are a book lover, storage doesn't have to just mean rows of cardboard boxes The purchase of shelving, either free standing or wall hanging, may allow you to cover your walls from top to bottom with lines of attractive book binders. This can help you to cover up rough concrete walls, instantly and inexpensively transforming them into a sharp and impressive gesture of your own intelligence.

However, you should always be careful storing books in the basement, as many are prone to water damage, flooding, and mold. Make certain that you take precautions against all three of these troublesome menaces before you store your prized book collection in this space.


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Bamboo Indoor / Outdoor Rugs

If your basement has a problem with flooding, but you hate the cold hard concrete flooring down there, one alternative to a traditional rug is to purchase an indoor / outdoor bamboo rug. These can withstand the elements without suffering from too much damage, which means that if your basement floods you wont have to worry. While you may not want to leave them down there to soak for days, a little water shouldn't hurt them for a short period of time, giving you a chance to get more fragile things out of the space.

Bamboo also has a great rustic quality which it derives from its natural materials. This means it will blend into the basements existing structures well, while seamlessly hiding them behind its own attractive face.

Indoor Outdoor Bamboo Rugs
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Weatherproof Art Rugs

Another alternative to natural bamboo are weatherproofed rugs. These durable pieces are treated in such a way that they are made resistant to damage from weather and water.

This technique has allowed the creation of an unlimited number of beautiful natural rugs, with colors, art, patterns, and virtually anything you can think of printed on them. This allows you to create a custom look for your basements floors, without having to worry about flooding.

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Natural Stone Flooring

Many types of natural stone are resistant to damage from flooding and leaking. Materials such as slate, quartzite, and to a lesser extent sandstone, are highly durable, and can retain their color and beauty even when faced with elemental problems.

Additional protection can easily be added by applying a thin sealant to the stone, in order to clog its pores and protect it.
Basement Carpet Tiles

If flooding isn't a problem in your basement, you may want to consider carpet tiles as an easy and inexpensive way to cover concrete flooring. Purchased individually, you can create virtually any design you like with them, and can easily replace old and worn out tiles with new ones, or change the look of the entire area.

If a once in a lifetime flood does occur and ruin your carpet, they can be easily pealed up and replaced with any alternative you like.
Plastic Plants

It may be difficult to get enough sunlight into your basement to support a lot of plant life. However, you can simulate this effect by using plastic plants. They can add a vibrant natural touch to the space, which will help to reconnect it with the outside world. In this way you can often diminish the solitary aspect of the basement, breathing new life and beauty into the room.
Natural Wall Decorations

Simulated natural decorations can be taken one step further, using natural art wall hangings and displays. The beauty of pieces like these goes beyond the natural and takes an artists perspective on the foliage of the world. However the link with life and growth is still present enough to give this piece the benefits of its origin.
Stone Wall Clocks

Stone decor is another way to add a rustic vibrant beauty to your basement. Pieces which are built from materials extracted directly from mountains will give a lot of their inner power to the space, invigorating it through a connection with nature which is intrinsic in its material make up. Functional items such as wall clocks and drink coasters are available in this material, and will fit seamlessly into rustic unfinished basement decorating schemes.