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Wall clocks are a great decorative bathroom accessory because they dont take up any floor space and they let you know just how long your shower is taking
stone clocks

Decorating your bathroom certainly can be a daunting challenge. This refuge of refuse is by its very nature, unsavory. However it is not a lost cause, there are things you can do to improve the appearance of this room, and even make it a pleasant location.

In a bathroom many fixtures can't be changed without major construction. It is important that you coordinate any elements that you add to the room harmoniously with the look and feel of the existing structures, including the walls, floor, toilet, sink, and tub. Creating a desirable interplay between the permanent and the replaceable, is the secret to designing a great bathroom.

It is generally best to minimize the number of accessories you leave in the bathroom, as the room does have a natural tendency to get dirty, and the more you have in the space, the harder it will be to clean.

However certain items are useful, or necessary, and can even help to keep the room ordered. These include hampers, trash bins, shelves and cabinets. In smaller bathrooms decorative accessories should be left on the wall. Items such as posters, paintings, and wall clocks can add ambience to the room, without taking up valuable floor space. Glass art placed in the window can bathe the room in colors; while throw rugs are useful, decorative, and unobtrusive. In larger bathrooms you can consider items such as plants, radios, or even televisions.

The most visually dominant accessory in those bathrooms which have showers will be the shower curtain. Like a veil running across the space, they tend to be the largest and most visible structures in a bathroom. It is important to choose this item with care, as it will be the pivot on which the decorative scheme of the rest of the room will turn.

The accessories in your bathroom should match one another, and should either match the shower curtain if there is one, or compliment it. They should also work harmoniously with the preexisting colors in the rooms hard facilities. If you don't like the colors in the room, you can use bold or striking accessories to draw attention away from them. Vibrant art, plush carpets and toilet covers, or novelty clocks can go a long way to help divert attention from an unsavory color scheme in the fixed structures.

Themes are one way to match your accessories, while creating a look which is custom to you. A theme can be a series of colors, materials such as whicker or stainless steal, or a certain style such as ultra modern or rustic. They can tie the look and feel of a room together, and give it a unique personality.

Another often overlooked aspect of your bathroom's appearance is your towels. Temporary residents that get cycled in and out of the room as they are used, they provide a unique opportunity for you to change the feel of the space every few days. If your towels are disparate in appearance then this probably won't be an impact. However, if you keep sets which are matched in color, theme, or appearance, it will increase their visibility

When decorating the space, try to consider the smell as well as the appearance of the surroundings. Scented candles, or glade plug ins, can go a long way to enhance the ambience of the room.

The most important thing to consider in the decorating of your bathroom is simple cleanliness. Nobody likes using an unkempt washroom, and regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that the space remains an attractive and pleasant location.

Bathroom Renovation

If you simply can't stand the structures in your bathroom, you will have to do some renovation. If you undertake this task yourself, make certain that you are familiar with the processes involved. Be aware of plumbing issues with pipes, electrical issues especially in regard to water locations, and the possibility of mold. Alternatively you may want to hire a contractor that will be aware of these issues, and able to circumvent any problems that may arise.

When remodeling, it is important to know exactly what you want. If you are wrong, and you end up hating the appearance of the space, it is very difficult to change things back. Some considerations including what material to use, what colors to use, and what styles to use.In materials, you only have a few basic choices. You want to avoid wood or other substances that will be ruined when they come in contact with water. The most common selections are natural stones and ceramics.

There are few materials more rustic than natural slate. With a rugged clefted exterior and wild chaotic colors, it embodies the idea of using nature to decorate your home
sandstone tiles
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There are many kinds of stone available including slate, granite, sandstone, marble, travertine, and limestone. They each have their own properties, and appearances, and are available in a wide range of finishes including honed, clefted, polished, and sawn. The one unifying thing about stone is each tile is unique, and looks different from any other. It is this wild unkempt nature that gives stone its distinct personality. Ceramics are a more subdued alternative, and can offer custom colors and printing.

Color is important in a bathroom, as it will determine the overall mood of the room. White and other similar colors are common because they make it easy to see and eliminate dirt. Black and mottled colors are used for the opposite reason, to hide the appearance of stains.

Certain colors will also evoke certain feelings in the subconscious of those who use the room. Red for instance has a tendency to make people agitated, while blue and green are calming, reflective colors. Black is the hottest color, and will make the room seem warmer, while grey and white are considered rather dull.

Style will be determined by the accessories you choose for installation. Be certain to select sinks, bathtubs, and toilets that are of the highest quality, and appear easy to keep clean. Also bear in mind that when the construction is done, you will have to decorate the rest of the room to match the style you chose in things such as faucets and knobs. Try to make selections which create possibilities, rather then restricting you.

The bathroom is a challenge. Sometimes you need construction to get it where you want, others you simply need a creative decorating scheme. Either way it is important to make selections in this room that reflect your inner personality, so that you develop a space that suites you.

As for rustic natural accessories, these are most often comprised of articles one would find in nature. The philosophy behind this decorative style is one which de-emphasizes the role of the manufacturing human, and focuses instead on the beauty that is inherent in the natural world. Many times these items are things you will find yourself, while enjoying the outdoors. However many companies also offer slightly more finished products such as natural decorative stone portraits, and crystalline desk accessories.


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